Sexology and the Media

Sexology and sexual matters are often in the news. We hear about recent developments in our understanding od sexuality and improved methods and techniques to address sexual difficulties.

Unfortunately from time to time we also hear about problems with  services and allegations of misconduct against “sexologists”.

SASH, once again, wishes to bring the following to the attention of the public:

The South African Sexual Health Association is a voluntary, multidisciplinary, participation association of health care practitioners, practicing in sexual medicine/health, within the parameters of their respective professions. Membership is restricted to Practitioners registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa which is a statutory regulatory and disciplinary body, tasked with the maintenance of academic standards within the profession and the protection of the public.

The South African Sexual Health Association exists ti assist in the ongoing professional development of its members anf to inform the public on sexual matters.

For the benefit of the public SASHA wishes to highlight the following:

  1. There is no accredited specialisation in South Africa in sexual medicine or sexology
  2. There is no SAQA accredited training in Sexual Medicine – Prospective students of sexology please read the press release from HPCSA.
  3. Members of SASHA who practice in the field of sexology, do so within the ambit of their registered professional qualifications, and many have received post graduate training in sexology from overseas institutions.
  4. Members of the public, when seeking assistance for sexual conditions are strongly advised to check the credentials of the person they seek to consult, by checking on their membership with SASHA and with the Health Professions Council of South Africa here
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