Female orgasmic disorder

Research has showed that about 5% of women may experience a chronic inability to reach orgasm

Female orgasmic disorder results when a female cannot reach orgasm – even though her sexual desire is normal and she may be able to go through a normal sexual excitement phase.

Types of female orgasmic disorder

There are two types of female orgasmic disorder. It is, however, important to note that they are only considered to be disorders if you experience a significant amount of distress.

Partial female orgasmic disorder

This may occur when you are able to orgasm from some sexual experiences such as oral sex or clitoral stimulation, but not during intercourse. Possible factors for this could include taking medications that may have some side effects, being anxious about intimacy and early ejaculation in your partner. Be sure to discuss side effects of drugs with your doctor when medications are prescribed.

Total female orgasmic disorder Total female orgasmic disorder may result when a female is unable to reach orgasm during any sexual experience.

Chat to your doctor

Chat to your doctor about your symptoms and discuss your concerns with him or her. Your doctor may discuss the risks and benefits of changing your medication (if you are taking any), as well as the side effects.

Self help

You may find the following self-help measures useful.

Kegel exercises

It is believed that these exercises may help to increase orgasm during intercourse.


Masturbation may help you discover more about your body and what gives you pleasure.

Different sexual positions

Experiment with different positions during sex as this may help you to be more in control or more free in your movement.

Remember you can always ask your doctor to refer you and your partner to a sex therapist if you feel that you will be more comfortable talking to him or her.

Source: Women’s Health for Life, by Dr. Sarah Jarvis and a team of world class women doctors

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