What does sexual activity do for our Health


After all is said and done, much has been said about the health benefits of sexual activity with your spouse.  But as it turns out, your weekly frequency is an important factor when determining which health benefits you actually get.

Once a week:  Good for your weight

“Sexual activity guides the brain to release oxytocin that often improves your quality of sleep”, says Helen Fischer, a Doctor of Biology.” And since sleep regulates our hunger hormones – Ghrelin and leptin, good sleep leads to reduction of weight.

Twice a week: Good for a cold

People that have sex twice a week have 30% more hemoglobin A, proteins that are part of the immune system and provide protection from infection, bacteria and parasites that cause diseases. So claims a study made by Wilkes University.

Three times a week:  Good for the heart

Sex increases not only the heart beat but good blood flow, so says a study from Bristol University. The researchers claimed that “People who have sexual intercourse at least 3 times a week can reduce their risk of fatal heart attack by as much as 50%.

Four times a week: Good for the skin

People that have sex 4 times a week look 4 – 7 years younger.  So says a group of researchers from Royal Hospital, Scotland. The reason is that sexual activity, increase the rate of growth hormones while reducing fat mass and softening the skin, which gives you a younger look.

Five times a week: Good for performance

“Having sex often is tied to increased optimism, energy, focus and creativity,”  says Dr. Helen Fischer, “and you don’t have to stay inbed to enjoy the benefits of the relationship.  In addition, focus and motivation will help you at work, as well.”

Six times a week: Good for the brain

People that have sex 6 times a week pump more blood to the brain, which increase the rate of hormone production, the same hormones that improve cognitive function.  Some claim it may even help the production of new brain cells.

Seven times a week:  Good for the mood

“Frequent sex lowers tension and anxiety,” says Jonathan R. Cole, an expert on internal diseases from California, “and this is usually attributed to the rise in endorphin production.”

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